Keeping your ears in good health is an ongoing responsibility that should not be ignored for a second. After all, the condition of your hearing will have a significant influence on your comfort, balance, and ability to interact with other people and your surroundings. Ear cleaning is naturally a central focus. Here’s everything you need to know about ear cleaning, including when to see an audiologist.

Why is professional ear cleaning required?

While you can clean the outer ear daily with warm water, it’s very rare that you will be required to clean the ear canals due to their self-cleaning nature. However, when your ears do need cleaning, it’s best to see an audiologist as they can provide the best results and investigate whether any other issues are at fault. An audiologist may want to use a curette or professional irrigation to clear your ears of any wax or debris. This can be followed with physical examinations as well as tips on how to reduce the threats of repeat buildups. Ultimately, then, an audiologist is your best option for receiving the right treatment and enjoying the benefits long-term.

Signs to see an audiologist for ear cleaning purposes

The need for ear cleaning usually stems from a buildup of wax. Blockages within the ear canal can cause a variety of adverse outcomes. All of the following symptoms could be a sign that your ears require professional cleaning, so do not ignore them: Reduced hearing – especially if you’ve suddenly noticed that you’ve lost volume as the blockage of wax may be preventing sound waves from moving through the ear and to the brain in the natural manner that they should.

  • Heavy feeling: Given that the ears are very delicate, you will often feel a noticeable difference. If they seem heavy or blocked, book an appointment with the audiologist. Similarly, pains should not be ignored for a second.
  • Leakage: Wax should naturally leave the ears, but it’s unlikely that you’ll notice it other than when cleaning the outer ear. If noticeable leakages, including foul smells, start to occur on a semi-frequent basis, professional cleaning may be needed.
  • Tinnitus: While tinnitus can emerge for many reasons, there’s a direct link between blockages and the ability to hear clicking and popping, especially when chewing. In truth, seeing an audiologist is advised irrespective of the reason for those symptoms.
  • Discomfort: More specifically, if you feel the urge to insert a cotton swab or other foreign objects into the ear canal, it’s likely that you need to get your ears professionally cleaned by an audiologist. Taking the DIY approach will only push debris deeper.

A successful trip to the audiologist should enable you to enjoy restored hearing with instant results while also ruling out the prospect of other issues.

What about over-the-counter products?

While another option is to buy over-the-counter products, this is ill-advised. For starters, they are unlikely to produce the same level of results. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, they could worsen infections or other potential problems. So, if your ears do need cleaning, choose an audiologist every time.