The topic of hearing loss can be a difficult subject for many people, especially if you are still relatively young. There are many things that people with hearing loss need to know before you visit your audiologist or consider hearing aids. The following ideas will point out everything your audiologist wishes you knew about hearing loss.

Our ears and brain are internally connected

When you listen to a sound you are actually using your brain; our ears transmit those sounds. Your ears will collect the sounds and send them to the brain to be understood. When sounds enter the ear, they brush against the nerves which allow the messages to go to the brain and be interpreted. Sometimes the nerves in the ear are broken, which is when hearing loss occurs.

Hearing aids can help substantially

The most common type of hearing loss is usually damage to the tiny nerves in the inner ear. A hearing aid can amplify and alter the sounds that enter your ear, so they become clearer to you. A hearing aid can do an excellent job of changing sounds in speech so that you can hear them, but they won’t physically fix your hearing loss.

Both of our ears work as a pair

Our two ears are there for a reason, and they work in tandem to help us hear. Our brain can still receive sounds from either the right or left which allows us to understand where the sound is coming from. The pair of ears we have play a huge role in our ability to balance every day. When you have hearing loss in both ears, you will need two hearing aids, if not, then the world is going to sound quite odd and uneven. It is always better to buy two hearing aids rather than one, even if you are experiencing hearing loss in only one ear.

Seek help for hearing loss sooner rather than later

Most people tend to put off seeking help from an audiologist for several years after they start to experience hearing loss. Although this is very common, it is vital to ask for advice sooner rather than later. You will become less and less able to understand speech if you don’t seek help for your hearing loss. If you aren’t receiving understandable sounds in your brain, then you will eventually be unable to process these sounds. This is why it is best to seek help as soon as you notice a decline in your hearing.

It can take time to adjust to hearing aids

When you are fitted with new hearing aids you will start to notice a lot of sounds you haven’t heard in a long time. It can take a while to adjust to these sounds so be patient and allow yourself plenty of time to ease into your new way of hearing. If you have any other questions about hearing loss, then contact an audiologist today. They will book you in for a consultation and answer any queries you might have about your ear health.