Your hearing aid fitting is about more than just fitting your hearing aid. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about your hearing aid, how to use it by yourself and how to look after it going forward. We’re going to talk more about what you’ll learn at your hearing aid fitting, so keep reading.

Care and maintenance advice

One of the most important aspects of the fitting experience is learning about how to care for and maintain your new hearing aid. This is important because if you don’t know how to care for your device, you might make mistakes that eventually lead to damage being sustained to the hearing aid. There are lots of tips and tricks that you’ll learn about regarding maintenance and general care of your device. And there will be specific advice relating to your hearing aid because they’re all different and should be maintained in different ways.

Insertion and removal guidance

Of course, your hearing aid will be fitted and put in place for you. Bull as having it put in place for you on this one occasion, you will also learn how to insert and remove the hearing aid by yourself. You won’t always have a professional with you to do it for you in the future, so learning how to do this is vital. There’s nothing particularly complicated about doing this but it can be difficult when you don’t really know how to. Once you’ve been shown the safe and proper way to do it, you’ll have no problem doing it time and time again.

Cleaning tips

As well as everything mentioned above, you will need to learn the basics of keeping your hearing aid device clean. This cleaning process is simple and straightforward for most devices, and it’ll make a big difference to the long-term durability of the device. If you keep it clean, it will last much longer for you without you experiencing any troublesome issues. The professional working with you will show you what you need to do to keep it clean at all times, and then it’ll be down to you to keep it clean at home.

Advice on which tools to buy

There are also tools that can be bought that help you to clean and generally maintain your hearing aid device. You might be recommended which tools you should buy when you go to your hearing aid fitting. It all depends on what kind of hearing aid you have. There are some hearing aid devices that might not require tools but others do, so it’s worth going along to your hearing aid fitting and finding out for yourself whether this is necessary for you or not. Your hearing aid fitting will teach you a lot about how to look after your hearing aid properly. This matters because the only way to ensure the long life of your hearing aid is to look after it and care for it in the correct and proper way. So when you’re there, listen carefully.