Hearing loss is a very common issue that many people experience. If you are one of these people, then it is essential to take care of your hearing devices by getting them repaired or replaced when necessary. This article will give you some great questions to ask your hearing professional about hearing aid repairs and what they deal with specifically so that you can feel confident in the work they do for you!

What Repair and Maintenance Services Do They Provide?

This is also a question that should be asked during your hearing device fitting consultation. For example, questions such as, do your office in-office repairs or do you service and repair all brands of hearing aids should be asked. If you forgot to ask, your best bet for finding the answer is to make an appointment with or call your hearing healthcare professional and ask them what specific services they offer concerning repairing and maintaining hearing aids.

How Long Will Your Hearing Device’s Battery Last Before Repairs Is Necessary?

Before rushing into a new battery purchase, it is necessary to know how long your hearing device’s specific brand and model should last. If damages occur earlier, you will be entitled to a new set of batteries as this will be considered a manufacturing issue. However, the average lifespan for one set of hearing aid batteries is three weeks to six months. Furthermore, this can vary depending on use and other factors. For example, people who use their devices during exercise or while swimming will need to replace the batteries more frequently than those who do not.

How Often Should You Have Your Hearing Device Serviced to Minimize Possible Damages?

That will depend on how often you wear your device. The more you use it, the sooner servicing is recommended. You can also speak to a qualified hearing professional who will give specific advice based on your individual needs and their experience with other customers like yourself.

Will You Need Your Hearing Aid Re-Fitted and Adjusted Once Repaired?

This depends on whether or not the hearing aid’s manufacturer is a partner of your local hearing health professional. If they are, you may need an appointment with your hearing professional for re-fitting purposes. This will also depend on how long it has been since you have had them serviced and last wore them. If they are not, you may need an appointment with a hearing provider to ensure that the fitment is correct. Again, getting this information ahead of time will allow for the ability to get back on track in no time.

Hearing Health Professionals and Repairs Of Hearing Aids

It is crucial to find the most skilled hearing care professional. Finding a reputable and reliable hearing health professional will ensure that you get the best quality hearing aids and the best possible care and advice for your hearing impairment. Hearing healthcare professionals can repair certain parts of some hearing devices if they need maintenance or repairs. However, not all devices can be repaired. Some cannot handle being repaired and need to be replaced instead for the best performance and quality of life for the user.