If you have hearing aids, you are going to want to take as good care of them as possible. After all, they are what enable you to hear throughout the day and live your day-to-day life without disruption. Hearing aids can cost you money to replace and also cause you unwanted disruption to your daily life too. Over time moisture and debris can get into your hearing aid, and this can mean it malfunctions. By taking good care of your hearing aids, you can prevent this from happening. Here are some top tips on hearing aid care.

What is a hearing aid?

Hearing aids come in a few different styles, but the main ones are in the ear (ITE) and behind the ear (BTE.) The type that is best for you will have been decided with your hearing care professional, and it will have taken all the factors into account. Hearing aids are something that is totally personal to you and will have different designs and features based on your criteria.

Take care when cleaning your hearing aids

It is vital to clean your hearing aids to prevent debris or dirt from building up and causing permanent damage. When you do so, put your hearing aid on a clean and soft cloth that can ensure it doesn’t get damaged or scratched, and wash your hands thoroughly before you clean them to ensure no germs get in. Ensure that they are thoroughly dry and don’t fall into a body of water such as a sink as this can break them. When you put them back in after cleaning, make sure that your ears are also dry.

Be careful with them during your day to day activities

In order to keep your hearing aid in as good condition as possible, it is important to be careful with them during your day-to-day activities. Don’t use hair products such as hairspray or other hair care products when you are wearing your hearing aids as this can damage them. Also, be sure that you turn them off whenever you are not using them to avoid draining the battery. Don’t drop your hearing aid when you are putting it in or taking it out, as this can also cause permanent damage.

Dry and store your hearing aids correctly

If your hearing aids have trapped moisture in them, this could cause damage that might stop the hearing aid from working. You must always dry a hearing aid properly and fully using a drying box or pouch. Never dry your hearing aids with an electronic device such as a hairdryer or heater as this could distort the plastic of the hearing aids and also might damage the technology that makes it work. Store your hearing aids in a clean, dry place that is at room temperature and doesn’t get too hot or too cold. If you have got hearing aids, these top tips on what you need to know about hearing aid care are sure to help. Find out more and book in to get your hearing aids with us today.