You may not know it, but an audiologist has many roles in the healthcare industry. Audiologists are experts on hearing and balance, provide education to patients about hearing loss, help diagnose conditions like tinnitus or vertigo and manage care for those with chronic ear disease. As they work with you to understand your specific needs, they can offer solutions to help you live better every day!

If You Have Trouble Understanding Conversations Because Of Background Noise

Audiologists can help you with understanding conversations. This is especially important when it's noisy around you, and you have trouble hearing what people are saying. They can also help if you experience difficulty following a conversation between two people who aren't close. These are common issues for people with hearing loss.

Audiologists can help you understand conversations by assessing your ability to hear and communicate, as well as determining what type of treatment may be right for you. They'll look at how much damage has been done to the ear so far, whether or not there is any residual hearing and how the ear is functioning. They'll also perform a comprehensive hearing test to determine your type of hearing loss, what kind it is and its degree.

If You Have a Hearing Loss in One Ear but Not the Other

If you have hearing loss in one ear but not the other, an audiologist can help you. They will test how much of your good ear's function is lost and what kind of device or therapy would be best for you. 

An audiologist Can Also Help You if You Have Hearing Loss in Both Ears

If you have hearing loss in both ears, an audiologist is the best place to start. They will test your good ear and how much of its function has been lost. They need to do this because it helps determine what kind of hearing aid will be most beneficial. An audiologist can also help you if you have hearing loss in both ears.

If You Speak Very Loudly

Before worrying about your social life and communication skills, make sure that the problem is hearing loss. If all of a sudden people are asking what you just said or getting irritated with you for speaking too loudly, it might be a good idea to make an appointment and bring your hearing aids in. Audiologists can determine whether the problem is related to your ability to hear clearly through audiometric testing.

If You Have Constant Pain in One or Both Ears

Many different things can cause ear pain, but there are some common culprits. A certified audiologist can help diagnose and treat the source of your discomfort – and sometimes even cure it! If you have constant pain in one or both ears, you may want to see an audiologist about it.