Is it time to upgrade your hearing aids? Hearing care experts clarify that hearing aids do not cure hearing loss, but they are a practical instrument to improve hearing. They don’t last forever, and they can malfunction from time to time. Consequently, we must pay attention to their condition, take care of them delicately, and be clear about when to renew them.

Tips for maintaining your hearing aids

The more we take care of our hearing aids, the longer they will function properly. First of all, we must clean our ears and hands before putting them on. On the other hand, the hearing aid must also be pristine, applying specific products for its sanitation; removing accumulated wax and dirt. It is also essential to store them in a safe area away from moisture. If this is not achieved, then it could hinder your device’s performance. This is when we should consider looking at replacing them. Or better yet, an upgrade that can incorporate some new technology, allowing you to find better solutions to your hearing issue.

When and why to update your hearing aid?

However, no matter how much we take care of our hearing aids, they tend to become obsolete after five years. Although patients usually extend its use up to five years more than recommended. If you are hesitating to change your hearing aids, here are reasons and signs why you should upgrade sooner rather than later:

  • You don’t hear as well with it anymore: It is the clearest indication. It may be that your level of hearing loss has increased or that, on the contrary, the prescription of your hearing aid has been misadjusted. It may mean the battery life is dwindling and it has become damaged or outdated. We recommend going to regular hearing examinations by a hearing health professional, to discover the focus of the problem and act accordingly.
  • Product usability decreases: You may find the loading system uncomfortable, oversized, or out-of-date style. Perhaps it is an older device that is not one that fits inside the ear canal. Once you do this, you can enjoy wearing your hearing aid and get the most out of its functions.
  • Technological innovations: In five years, the functionalities of the hearing aids can improve considerably. Digitization leads to better, sharper and cleaner hearing systems. If you want to wear your hearing aid whenever and wherever, you should consider an upgrade. They are smaller and discreet and can even connect to Bluetooth and phone apps.

Depending on your needs or preferences, you can choose to update or repair your hearing aids. But always reference your hearing care professional’s opinion and knowledge. If you have the funds readily available, an upgrade is typically recommended. The latest innovations in the industry allow people to wear better, more functional hearing aids every day. This way, you can always be sure that your hearing is top-notch, for your work, your hobbies, and your family.