Summer and the activities we enjoy during the warm weather can be difficult on our hearing aids. Of course, when you get your hearing aids fitted, you’re told to keep them dry and away from moisture and humidity, but in the summer, we spend lots of time having fun in the sea, the pool or by the hot tub and getting sweaty and hot. Your hearing aids need a little more care and attention during the summer months to keep them working so that you can continue to hear well. Let’s look at how to care for your hearing aids devices in the summer.

Keep Them Clean

In the summer, tiny particles from sunscreen or bug spray are more likely to get into the hearing aid and cause damage. Because salt and minerals are left behind when water evaporates, seawater can be extremely damaging to hearing aids. These microscopic particles have the potential to cause significant damage to the sensitive parts of hearing aids. No matter what the weather, wipe clean your hearing aids every night to remove any moisture, wax or oils that may have accumulated on the device. When playing a sport, gardening or doing any other outdoor activity, avoid touching your hearing aids, especially if you have sand or dust on your hands.

Keep Them Dry

Of course, you can’t avoid the humidity and moisture in the air, and it would not be feasible to leave your hearing aids out all summer long. However, you must still ensure that you take them out to go swimming or entering the water. Put them somewhere secure so you can go about your activities without worrying about your hearing aids getting ruined. If you are concerned about humidity, you can purchase dry aid kits or UV boxes, which you can use overnight to bring out any moisture that has gotten in by using UV light rays. You can also use specific dehumidifier boxes, which your audiologist will be able to advise you on. When you remove your hearing aids, inspect them carefully.

Make Sure That They Are Secure in Your Ears

When you are busy having fun in the summer, running, jumping and playing soccer with the kids, you do not want to be worrying about your hearing aid falling out and getting lost. You can wear sweatbands around your head and ears to keep them in or lightweight lanyards which attach to your hearing aid and clothes, keeping them secure.

Keep Them Cool

Because so many hearing aid components are made of plastic, they are easily damaged by direct sunlight. They can even melt if left in a hot car or somewhere like a garage. To avoid sun damage to your hearing aids, avoid being outside or exercising during the hottest part of the day. This is sensible advice for anyone, but it is especially important for people who use hearing aids. If you have to go out, sweatbands and hats as well as regular breaks out of the sunshine are a great way to keep your hearing aid – and you – safe.