How Do I Know If I Need Hearing Aids?

Dec 14, 2013

What are the signs that I might need hearing aids?
People who begin to experience hearing loss typically don’t notice at first. They might simply believe that people aren’t speaking clearly, or that they mumble. And because the type and severity of each person’s hearing loss is unique, some sounds might be heard better than others. This can be confusing for people.

Your ears hear a spectrum of frequencies and losing the ability to hear at some of those frequencies can create the impression that you are not able to understand what a person is trying to say – rather than what is really happening, which is – you are losing the ability to hear a specific range of sound. Even the loss of a small frequency can greatly affect how you understand spoken words.

If you are starting to find yourself having difficulty understanding words, or not able to hear certain sounds, the best thing to do is get a hearing test. Hearing tests are very straightforward and easy. Dr. Story can test for any type of hearing loss and discuss with you options for treatment. With today’s hearing aids and technology, we can help fill in just those areas of your hearing that you need help with.

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